Who I am, not what I do

As time goes by things often change.  As a person, you have experiences that change your way of thinking and emotions that develop that change the way you see your world.  As I mentioned in my last post my world is changing quite a bit.  I am not saying that my faith is changing.  In fact, if anything, through the last year or so my faith has grown stronger.  What I am saying is that my writing interests have taken a turn that even I didn’t expect.  Let me expand on that a bit.

The first question you are asked when you walk into a party and begin to meet new people is, “What do you do?”  This question has bothered me my entire life.  I am currently an accountant.  However, that tells you little about who I am.  People should re-phrase that to, “Tell me about yourself”.  That gives the person the opportunity to tell you who they are, not what they do.  What we do should not be who we are (we might cover this under mental health).  This brings me back on topic of this blog.  What I do is accounting.  It is how I pay the bills, for now.  Who I am is a current events junkie, technology nerd, business theory geek, and a soon to be mental health professional. My faith should be evident in all I do so that is an understood component of me.

This is my blog, after all, and I can do what I want.  Right?  I want to write about technology.  I want to spend time writing about a crazy current event.  I want to look at some new theories or techniques in the practice of mental health and business.  So I am.  From this day forward I will write about all those things.  There is no telling what you will find on this blog from time to time.  I wanted a blog so that I could write.  I want to share my art.  You might not like my art, I might not like my art, but I want to share it.  I want to write about all the things that interest me.  For the most part those fall in three main categories; Current Events, Technology, and Mental Health.  So now I am going to figure out my favorite way to make fussy coffee, buy a clicky keyboard, and pick up a soda stream.  Thanks to Gruber for setting me straight on what I need to be a real blogger. Ha!

One last new thing, no more comments.  If you need me I prefer you find me HERE. Enjoy.