Off-Site Backups

First off, I am not paid by any of the companies that I say I support on this blog.  I do not write this blog so that I can get paid.  I really like to share things that I think work and things that I use that I feel others might benefit greatly from.  Now, with that said let me tell you about a great off-site backup company.

My wife takes literally hundreds of pictures a week.  It sounds crazy, well it does to me.  She keeps them on an external drive connected to her iMac.  The internal storage of the iMac would be trashed by the volume of pictures.  Anyway, it occurred to me one day that the only backup she had of the pictures was a time machine backup on the same drive as the pictures.  If that drive went down then she would lose everything.  This of course would be my fault in the end.  I decided to be pro-active and do something about this before I had to spend a week or two on the couch.  I started researching about off-site backups knowing that I had specific needs.  I needed something that backed up external drives and had no limit of space.  I found Backblaze and we couldn’t be happier with the result.  For $5.00 a month we get a complete off-site backup of all the drives attached to the computer and the internal drive.  No limit on size.  It takes up very little CPU power while running. You just install a small program and it runs in the background.  Matter of fact, you would never know it is running.  It did take a week or two to get all the photos uploaded to their servers.  That has more to do with the crappy DSL we have to operate with, out in the county where we live.

If you have precious data like my wife’s pictures of our daughter, do yourself a favor and sign up for an offsite backup.  You won’t be sorry you did.  The peace of mind it provides is worth the monthly fee.  Oh, I can add any computer I want onto my plan for an additional $5.00 a month.  Backblaze is great, be sure to add them to your list of companies to research.