This month’s theme for the blog chain is Love.  To be honest, I wanted to delve into Agape Love or God’s Love and show how and when it is used in the Bible.  However, I ran out of time to finish up the research.  So, I will be posting about that when I get some more time. For now, I will talk about another gift of God, and that is those that He surrounds you with that love you; your friends, family, and your spouse.  Ultimately, we still understand this love because of the love we know and feel from God.

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you the way you are.  I couldn’t find who is attributed with saying that, but it truly represents God’s gift of friends.  I will say that I don’t have too many close friends.  Some might say, including me, that I spent too much time on my career and on me to develop close friendships.  However, I have one or two that I know do all the above for me.  Most times you don’t find friends, friends find each other.  That is one of the mysteries of life.  God will always put the people you need in your life at the right times.  If you look back on your life and all the things you have gone through you will always find that God had the right people surrounding you in all cases.

Christopher Lasch once said, “The family is a haven in a heartless world”.  I come from a large close-knit family.  This has provided an almost endless pool of people that not only care about me, but care deeper than a friend could.  There is something about knowing that you are tied to someone not only as acquaintances go, but by blood.  Remember this, God gave you your family, you were not able to pick them out.  So, from the beginning there is a divine nature of family.  You see, no matter what happens, these people will be there for you.  Even when circumstances do not allow for a close relationship with family members you will always care for one another.

Soul mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect, but they are always perfect for you. No one knows exactly who uttered those words but in my experience, it couldn’t be more true.  God has blessed me with a woman that is everything I can’t be, so, that I don’t have to be.  She truly is the reason I get up and get motivated everyday.  Not only does my wife fill the spouse roll in my life she is also my best friend. I am not a trusting person, but yet I maintain an unwavering trust in her.  Which is good since a true soul mate’s connection to each other defies most logic.  (It is also very cliché when put to words).  When you find yourself lost in this type of relationship all you can do is praise God for His hand in your life.  I pray almost daily that more people in the world allow God to show them their mate.

With all the love God surrounds us with, how can someone not believe in the power of faith?  How do you see the good that “magically” appears in your life and just toss it up to coincidence?  That is where my prayers need to be focused.  They need to be focused on those that don’t see God’s power in the love that He has surrounded them with.  Perhaps, if they could feel and see that love, we wouldn’t have the amount of violence we do.  It might sound crazy, but are you going to limit His ability to give peace?


11 thoughts on “Love

  1. You are blessed to have your family nearby. I started to compare it with my situation and found it depressing. Despite what modern society demands, I don’t think we were intended to be separated the way so many families are. Good Post!
    Peace and Blessings.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on friendship and family Chris. You’re right about how special a relationship with a spouse is. The fascinating thing about that is that when you get married, you inheric a whole new family. This has been important for my wife who moved from interstate shortly before we got engaged. Without any blood family nearby my family have become very important to her, and she to them.

  3. Good, simple reminders, and good reasons why we should be thankful for the people God has built into our lives. I think a lot of times those family relationships become broken, and it’s so sad. God has each of us there to enfold one another, and it’s a shame when some don’t or won’t see it. Blessings!

  4. Good post, Chris. I can relate to your comments all the way through. About friends, I too have a few I can really count on rather than a large group of acquaintances. As for family, we’re not really tight knit, but we can rely on each other and we get along well, which is always a blessing. As for the spouse, I’ve made no secret that I am indeed waiting for God to show me the one He has for me.

  5. Sorry, I am so late at responding. :) Great post! Great reminder that God places us with who we need and with those who also need us. Even when sometimes it does not seem to be the case. :) Thanks for sharing, Chris!!

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