New Beginnings

This month on the blog chain we are exploring New Beginnings.  With the start of the new year, it is as good a time as any.  I hope that you like my contribution.  Please also read the list of blogs to the right.  Thanks for stopping by Beulah Land.

I love the prospect of a fresh start, who wouldn’t.  We have all had moments that we look back on and wish that we could re-do.  Even the sport of golf with all the quiet signs and sweater vests has the mulligan.  If I could have, should have, would have.  Everyday I think of at least one of those.  We all know rarely do we get a re-do in real life.  First impressions are golden and we will live with our mistakes forever.  Still, in the midst of daily mistakes and botched first impressions, Christ allows us to start fresh every time we acknowledge our faults and choose to try and change.

When Christ died on the cross he died for all our sins from now and evermore.  Christ’s last words on the cross were “It is finished” (John 19:30).  He completed the task of dying because of our sin for us; so that we never have to pick up that past sin.  We are allowed a New Beginning.  Not once but anytime we acknowledge that we have fallen short and want to try again.  My new beginnings start sometimes daily.  That is not something I want to remember or say often but it is true.  However, this is some of the power of our faith.

Often times as followers we get caught in a cycle of remembering past sin.  Once left in this cycle we start pulling away from Christ and we might blame Him.  Like me you probably think that He is pulling away from you.  Know one thing, Christ is with us always.  “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).

I hope that the next time that you get in a cycle of remembering how many times in the past that you have sinned and failed Christ you remember what He did for you on the cross and the new beginnings it afforded you. There is no need to put Christ back on the cross.  “It is finished” (John 19:30).

May God bless you in your new beginnings.  If there is ever anything that I can help you with, I am am email away.  Thank you so much for reading the words God gave me today.  God bless.


7 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Thanks Chris, I was certainly blessed by your article.
    It sure is awesome that “Christ allows us to start fresh every time we acknowledge our faults and choose to try and change”.

    This is a great thing to remember when we get caught in the ‘remembering past mistakes’ game.

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